Vip Therapie

VIP THERAPIE was a reality health tourism program, which was broadcasted by EUROSTAR and NTV Europe TV channels. Our program was 75 minutes and was being broadcasted every week since 12 February 2014. Every episode of VIP THERAPHY was broadcasted 5 times a week.

In our program, patients who are living abroad come to Turkey and were hosted in V&T house. Sponsor hospitals and doctors treated our guests with the recent technology in the world. After their treatments, our guests went back to their countries, healthy, after their last medical check. In addition to their treatments, our guests have had also time to discover Istanbul thanks to VIP crew organization.

Thousands of applications had been come from 23 different countries for VIP THERAPIE, and the program attracted attention from all the countries which we were broadcasted.

This format later became our well known Visit to be Treated program.